Metatonic is one of the best trip-hop albums of the decade! It encapsulates the essence of a classic trip-hop recording and sets an example for others in the genre.

- Matthew Forss (Reviewyou)

Beyondsphere creates a perfect atmosphere, each track of the album drawing infinite astral images into the mind of the listener. Recommended!

- Reviews New Age

Mithridatism is sweet stuff, really sweet stuff! Simple, persistent, ethereal but grounded. A soft postlude for Metatonic.

- Maija Leisso

Just listening to Mithridatism and I think it’s excellent. I have some cd’s with similar flair in them but this music is apart from them in its unique way. Vast Days have captured something timeless with this musical collection.
- Harri Tanskanen

The sensual, beautiful music of Metatonic creates mesmerizing atmospheres that you want to experience again and again. Strong, touching and haunting chords, melodies and lyrics. Listening to this music makes me want to spread my wings and dive deep into the world where these sounds came from.

- Kirsi Halla-Seppälä

The music of Metatonic really seems to reflect my own inner feelings. At times I just hear the beauty in it and feel the open spaces, but sometimes it feels a bit dark. I really like the way it builds up and carries the listener. It’s not about the separate tracks, but about the journey. I really recommend you to sit down and take the journey to wherever Metatonic takes you.

- Kenneth Kother

Usually I get bored quite easily listening the same music again and again, but Vast Days has been very different from everything else. I find that I’m still listening to Metatonic almost daily after about five months. I highly recommend it !

Janne Timmerbacka

The production on Metatonic is very professional. Everything just works. The way the vocals ebb in and out and strings weave their way around all of the other instrumentation. Vast Days is bound for good things.

- Dennis Scanland (Music Emissions)
Metatonic is a melodic soundscape of interstellar findings. Making and forcing your brain to focus on the ambient sound and what it makes you feel. Listen to it and ask yourself…
Got the (Metatonic) album today and have been mesmerized from first play… Phenomenal….
- M. K.
Metatonic’s tracks are world class, friends of dark ambient and electronic music should definitely check this one out!
Best album of the year 2007.
Metatonic is like the soul of every human being that has ever existed.
- Anonymous from L.A.
Metatonic is a very cool blend of cinematic and exotic ambient melodies with a distinctive Trip Hop flavor. Each track seems to spin a tale of its own often envoking those deepest thoughts of life and the choices we make.
- Subsonic Temple
Vast Days is the Massive Attack of Espoo Finland.
- Stupido Shop Record Store
A small mystical object in focus somehow slowly keeps stimulating and attracting. Suddenly you realise that you’ve deeply fallen into it and you just take all the impact from the object as the experience now flows beyond your control.
That is what I always feel when listening to Vast Days.

- Bara H. Ghim, Film Director


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